Riverview Kennel Club  

Welcome To The Riverview Kennel Club!

Though this website is not currently up and running for public use, I shall give an explanation of what is going on in the event that you have happened upon it whilst surfing. This website will be used as an additional gaming tool for Simmies world-wide. The nature of the game is as the Home Page dictates: a Kennel Club. This is a place where Simmies can come together and share their Pet creations, show their creations, and create more storylines for their in-game kennels, as it were.

This will eventually become a semi-in-depth game simulating the world of Dog Shows, with the follow-up versions for your cat and horse Sims. Although I would love to go on, there is much to do in the world of Riverview Kennel Club that I must attend to. More information shall follow. If you have any questions that just simply cannot wait, feel free to drop a line at relic@cowtippers.net


I would like to clarify that the images currently being used on this website are not from my own game, but rather they are from The Sims 3 website itself, or from images made public by random game players. Do not sue me. You will gain nothing. Here are the links from which I aquired some of the images.